View Of Fortified Medieval Castle Village Monemvasia With Aegean

Discover the Enchanting Monemvasia, Greece: A Marvelous Cable Car Project on the Horizon

Experience the allure of Monemvasia, Greece, an ancient castle town nestled in the Peloponnese, set to unveil a modern marvel by the end of 2024: a state-of-the-art cable car. This transformative project, with a budget of 6.8 million euros, will seamlessly connect the historic castle town to the elevated Ano Poli, marking a significant milestone in accessibility.


Unveiling a seamless link between the lower and upper parts of Monemvasia, the cable car initiative, championed by Culture Minister Lina Mendoni, is a testament to the region’s rich heritage and vibrant community. Supported by recovery and resilience funds, this visionary endeavor aims to celebrate Monemvasia’s multifaceted identity while ensuring inclusivity for all visitors.


Founded in 583, Monemvasia has endured centuries of history, from the onslaught of invaders to the passage of time. Now, with the addition of the cable car, the town is poised to welcome visitors with open arms, offering unrivaled vistas and immersive experiences within its storied walls.

Cable Car Monemvasia

From its origins as a refuge from invaders to its current status as a cultural gem, Monemvasia’s allure is undeniable. Aptly named for its “single entrance,” the town beckons adventurers to explore its labyrinthine streets and centuries-old landmarks, evoking a sense of wonder and nostalgia.Journeying to the upper town, or ‘acropolis,’ has traditionally involved a steep climb, but soon, visitors will ascend effortlessly via the cable car, treating them to panoramic views of the sea and the fortress city below. Steeped in history, the upper town was once the domain of Monemvasia’s aristocracy, boasting grand mansions and a vibrant community.


As the cable car project takes shape, Monemvasia stands poised to reclaim its status as a premier destination, offering a seamless blend of ancient charm and modern convenience. Join us as we embark on a journey through time, traversing the winding paths and hidden treasures of this legendary fortress town.