Quattro Suites is conveniently located close by to the legendary Monemvasia Castle, in the area of Xifias, offering its guests fascinating views of the rock fortress-city and the endless blue of the Aegean sea. This is a great location to have as your base while exploring the rest of Monemvasia’s attractions. Unlock the explorer in you and go on day excursions to visit the region’s natural marvels and charming places of great cultural interest.


Reach some of the most famed beaches of Monemvasia by car and bask at their marvellous beauty.

Kastanias Cave

Admire a natural cave situated near the sea, on the eastern side of Monemvasia, named after the family who first discovered it in the 1960s.

Monemvasia Castle

The world-famous Monemvasia fortress-city and castle-town lies just 8 km away from Quattro Suites.